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What is traditional face and body sugaring?

Traditional Sugaring is one of the oldest, most natural forms of hair removal.

Over 1,000 years ago ancient Egyptian North African women use sugaring to
cleanse and purify their bodies – symbolizing the mark of womanhood.

More recently this ancient art form has become once again a most effective and popular method of hair removal for ladies in this country and further afield.

It is the role of the professional Practitioner of the traditional sugaring method to offer to her clients with sensitivity and awareness, the correct technique in a hygenic and safe way.

Who comes for traditional body sugaring?

Clients of all ages can enjoy the benefit of a treatment using
the original technique.

Traditional “Hand Sugaring” is a most effective method of semi permanent hair removal and can:-


remove hair from the root
lead to gradual diminishment of hair growth
be a relaxing & theraputic process
leave skin in a soft and smooth condition
treat all parts of the face and body

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